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We play the best courses in the desert 


One of the best value Pro Am’s in the country - At $tba which includes Friday and Saturday Nights in Vegas is due to the great relationships we have built with the Hotel and Golf Courses. Most comparable Vegas Pro Ams are several hundred dollars more for the Amateur, stay at lesser hotels and more importantly, play lesser golf courses.  Pro’s entry for all of the above is Free when you bring your 4 Amateurs.


Hotel –  Caesars Palace Las Vegas is world renown for being Vegas’s center of the action.  It has countless options for the best food variety.  It even has a mall if you are into that kind of thing!


No formal dinners – Sure our event includes a couple of large cocktail parties, but Vegas has too much to offer to be trapped in long drawn out sit-down dinners.


Prize Pots – It’s not a big part of our trip but we do play for daily team money and then a 3 day cumulative team and pro pot.  The money isn’t enough to lose sleep over but does allow you and your team to have enough for the first bet at the tables later on.


Format – Stableford Points with Pros having max Bogey.  Teams of 5 count only 2 scores most holes so keeps play moving along and Ams don’t have to stress too much.


No hassle transportation – Although you are on your own for getting to and from the airport (we provide a preferred vendor for limos or busses) we do have daily transportation for buses to and from the courses.  And we take your clubs to the next day’s course so no need to lug back to your room nightly.


Great group – over the last 20+ years we have developed a great group of pros and their teams.  Some have come each and every year and ones that have joined us over the last 5 years continue to keep coming back year after year.


Organization – Sure we are biased but we survey the guests annually and had 95% that felt the Overall Organization was Birdie or Eagle level.


Were mostly Canadians – Heck, we are the nicest country in the world! Sure we say ‘about’ differently and ‘eh’ a lot, but some of the funniest people are from Canada!

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