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Final Results - Mark Meyer's Team wins the day and comes back to win the overall
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Pro Scores
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Tournament Format


5 Players (1 Pro and 4 Ams)

Count the Best two points total on each hole. *with the exception of the daily twists of certain holes counting 3-5 scores.

There is no individual Amateur Pot as players are required to pick up after it is apparent their score will not count.

All Handicaps will receive a 15% Team reduction of handicap

(i.e. If all the Amateurs handicaps on Team A add up to 60 then they would reduce their points score by 9 and Team B adds up to 40 then they would reduce their points total by 6).

We will have some overall payouts but the daily pots will spread the pot and you will play against the teams you are playing with daily. The pot will be split roughly 25% for each of the three days and 25% for the three day combined total. Further efforts to spread out the daily pots, if your team wins a daily pot, your team can only win 3rd place daily money the next day (scores remain the same, just payout).  If you come second, the best payout you can earn the next day is 2nd.



Individual Pro Scoring with a maximum bogey point rule in effect.

The Pros have a separate pot but the Amateurs are all playing for a Team Purse. All scoring will be using the Stableford Points system which allows the Players to be aggressive and not worried about ruining a good gross score round.


In other words, convince your players to go for everything! When you are out of the hole you must pick up.


  • 5 Double Eagle

  • 4 Eagle

  • 3 Birdie

  • 2 Par

  • 1 Bogey



Scoring Variations

  • Cascata – Best 2 on all holes except #9 & #18 where all 5 Scores count.

  • TPC LV – Best 2 on Par 4’s and Best 3 on Par 3’s & Par 5’s.

  • Reflection Bay – Best 2 plus the Wild Card picks which a player gets drawn to a hole on the front and back and their points count on that hole plus 2 others.

  • The Format is meant to be fun, we will split the pots out to almost 50% of the teams daily so that although you will be recognized daily for the best scores, not enough money is in the pot to loss any sleep over it!

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