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Q. How do we get to the golf course each day?
A. Buses on Friday – Monday will arrive at 8:15am and depart by 8:30am. When you finish your round the buses will be ready to pick you up. Tee Off is a shotgun-10am Daily.

Q. How do we get to and from the Airport?
A. Because we are all arriving at different times, you are on your own.  But we have partnered with a company called LAS Express who can do everything from shuttles to limos for you and your group.

Q.  How do we get to Vegas?

A. The entry does not include airfare and you are on your own in booking your travel to Las Vegas.

Q. What are the Deuce Pots all about?
A. Everyone puts in $20 and we have a Daily Cash Deuce Pot

(paid the next morning).

Q. Can our team get extra rooms?
A. The price for extra rooms are (including all taxes):

  • Wednesday & Monday nights - $120 per room per night.

  • Thursday to Monday Morning (Four nights)- $560 per room ($275 per person upcharge).

  • You must reserve by September 1 to confirm availability.


Q. How do we check in?
A. Same as you would any other hotel (with credit card for any additional charges). Rooming list will be provided to hotel and they will have you entered into the system about a week prior to the event.

Q. How do we pay?
A. Either through the website or in the form of a check to your golf professional. We have added Credit Card payments via the website but there is a 3% charge to offset credit card transactions. If you are paying by check please submit to pro so they can forward the entire team’s payment in one envelope.

Q. What is the "Resort Fee"?
A. Unfortunately every Las Vegas hotel charges a Resort Fee of $45.  Ours at Caesars Palace is $29 per night charge for Wifi & access to fitness facility. This charge will be on your final bill at check out and not part of your Vegas Baby Tournament cost.

For any other questions please email the tournament organizer at

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